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    Abroad package tours are the best form of motivation and the acknowledgement of employees' services. It is also an excellent way of expressing gratitude to the Key Clients of your company for the to date cooperation. Obviously, there is one condition - they need to be thoroughly planned, abound in attractions and organised in unique locations, often inaccessible and unaffordable for common tourists.
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New SOIT Authorities. New strategy. Managing Director Power Agency Olga Krzemińska-Zasadzka President of Polish Association of Incentive Travel Organiseres /SOiT/

SOIT strategia 4On 7 January 2020, the General Meeting of SOIT Members took place, which summarised two years of activity and elected the Association Authorities for the term of office in 2020-2021.

For SOIT (Polish Association of Incentive Travel Organisers), 2019 was a time of summaries, intensive activities and exceptional events on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of business. SOIT published the results of the SOIT Barometer - the first incentive market research in Poland, co-coordinated Meetings Week Poland 2019, organised the first integration event for owners and employees of member agencies - "SOIT on the Wave" and initiated a series of "SOIT Talks" meetings, which are a platform for sharing knowledge incentive agency owners. The final event of the year was the Columbus Day Gala, during which the 10th anniversary of SOIT was celebrated and a record amount of PLN 73,494 was raised for charity during an auction.

"I am proud of SOIT and what we have achieved in recent years. Personally, I think that the biggest success of our association is the prevailing relationships and friendly atmosphere inside, thanks to which we are able to achieve more and more. I would like to thank the Management Board for a fantastic cooperation", Sebastian Słoniewski summarises his 2-year term of office and a total of 4 years of work for SOIT.

The Management Board of the 2018-2019 term of office also included: Łukasz Adamowicz (Grupa BFC), Joanna Jabłońska (Activezone), Grażyna Grot-Duziak (Weco Travel).

The General Meeting of Members elected the new SOIT Authorities for another two-year term of 2020-2021. Olga Krzemińska-Zasadzka (Managing Director of the Power Agency) became the President of the SOIT Board. Łukasz Adamowicz (vice president of the BFC Group) and Krzysztof Pobożniak (president of Haxel Events & Incentive) will be the vice president. The board also includes Agnieszka Słowik (President, Flower Travel) and Anna Zowczak (president of the Motivoscope Agency). The General Meeting of Members also elected members of the Ethics Committee and the Audit Committee.

"I decided to run for the SOIT Board because I fully agree with the Association's values, principles and mission. I think that the huge success of SOIT is that we managed to create friendly relations, speak in one voice on important issues, boldly make key decisions, and above all effectively implement our plans and assumptions. I believe that together we can build a positive image of the industry and successfully work to promote incentive travel as a strong and effective business tool. We will strengthen cooperation with current SOIT Partners, and we are also open to new Partners and new industry initiatives"  summarises Olga Krzemińska-Zasadzka, President of the SOIT Board. 

In September 2019, SOIT members adopted the Association's new strategy for 2020-2021. Priority actions were selected related to building the future of SOIT, activity for organisations, member companies and their employees, and for the MICE market. The newly elected SOIT Management Board will soon be preparing an action plan as part of the agreed development strategy.

"We plan to focus on those activities that support the business and build competitive advantage of member agencies, but will also develop the entire incentive travel market. We plan to continue promoting the best tender standards as part of the Good Tender project. We are also open to accept new members - effective and ethical incentive agencies. "- reports Łukasz Adamowicz, Vice President of the SOIT Board.

"We will place a lot of emphasis on developing the Polish incentive travel market research, namely the SOIT Barometer, as well as calculating the value of the incentive agency's work. We see these tools and projects as key to the development of the SOIT agency and the entire market. We also hope for fruitful cooperation with other organisations as part of our development strategy", adds Krzysztof Pobożniak, Vice President of the SOIT Board.

Within the strategic areas there were also educational and informational activities for members, employees and clients, development of Events organized by SOIT, such as Columbus Day or SOIT Talks, as well as creation of new initiatives pursuing SOIT's statutory objectives.

Currently SOIT has 28 regular members representing 24 professional incentive travel agencies: Activezone, Air Tours Club, Businessman Fun Club, Conqueror Travel Club, eTravel, Flower Travel, Grupa TSO, Haxel Events & Incentive, Incentive Care, InDreams, Margot Travel, Mazurkas Travel, Motivoscope, NU Horizons, OBP Incentive & Sport Travel, Polka Travel, Power, Pracownia Przygód, Rival Group, Top Travel Incentives & Holidays, Travel Concierge, United Partners, Viventum, Weco Travel Services. 

SOIT strategia 2

The General Meeting was held on 7 January 2020 at the MsMermaid Conference Center in Warsaw.

Composition of the newly elected SOIT authorities:

SOIT Board 2020-2021
1) Olga Krzemińska-Zasadzka - President of the SOIT Board

2) Łukasz Adamowicz - Vice President of the SOIT Board

3) Krzysztof Pobożniak - Vice President of the SOIT Board

4) Agnieszka Słowik – Member of the SOIT Board

5) Anna Zowczak - Member of the SOIT Board

Audit Committee 2020-2021
1) Agata Gościńska

2) Andrzej Hulewicz 

3) Sebastian Słoniewski

Ethics Committee 2020-2021
1) Edyta Jabłońska-Hulimka

2) Joanna Jabłońska

3) Mikołaj Jeżak

4) Agnieszka Lewandowska

5) Liwiusz Misiaszek

6) Sylwia Sadoch

7) Maria Szura

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