Powersport /Power Agency/ specializes in organizing Incentive Travel, DMC Warsaw Poland, Conferences & Congresses,
Team-Building & Sport Events & Special Events - for Companies and Institutions.
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  • Business Events

    Business Events

    Integrating and socialising business events, latest products promotion, incentive getaways, special occassion events - all these are the integral part of life inside any firm. Facing our competition we have prepared numerous original scripts using innovative ideas and the latest technological developments.
  • Incentive Events

    Incentive Events

    Abroad package tours are the best form of motivation and the acknowledgement of employees' services. It is also an excellent way of expressing gratitude to the Key Clients of your company for the to date cooperation. Obviously, there is one condition - they need to be thoroughly planned, abound in attractions and organised in unique locations, often inaccessible and unaffordable for common tourists.
  • Special Events

    Special Events

    We have been actively supporting various projects and initiatives for many years and additionally we have combined this with the basic values of our company namely constant discovering of new, better ways of acting, seeking innovative solutions, and broadening the scope of what is possible and reachable. Feel invited to get acquainted with the latest reports and active participation.


Rajdos Ekipos

Rajdos EkiposRAJDOS EKIPOS is a group of people who have been dealing with OFF ROAD in Poland for years. Daily we organise events, off-road races, and trainings of 4x4 driving. Our experience which we pass on to the participants of our events is gained through our passion, namely taking part in of-road races. For the last 7 years our teams have been achieving one of the top places at least once a month on average!!

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rajdos ekipos - 02
rajdos ekipos - 03
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  • Driver – Dariusz Krzywkowski
  • Pilot – Bartek Krzywkowski


  • Driver – Piotr Krzywkowski
  • Pilot – MichaƂ Goleniewski

Both teams drive cars with 2,5-litre-engines which come from BMW, constructions with underframe as well as rigid driving axle from Nissan Patrol. And obviously four-wheel drive. All safety measures are provided by roll cages, bucket seats, and 5 point harnesses. Due to the fact that the body is from Jeep Wrangler both cars look almost the same.

Feel welcome to follow achievements of our teams. Soon there will appear reports on the preparation and the routs of various races.

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