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  • Business Events

    Business Events

    Integrating and socialising business events, latest products promotion, incentive getaways, special occassion events - all these are the integral part of life inside any firm. Facing our competition we have prepared numerous original scripts using innovative ideas and the latest technological developments.
  • Incentive Events

    Incentive Events

    Abroad package tours are the best form of motivation and the acknowledgement of employees' services. It is also an excellent way of expressing gratitude to the Key Clients of your company for the to date cooperation. Obviously, there is one condition - they need to be thoroughly planned, abound in attractions and organised in unique locations, often inaccessible and unaffordable for common tourists.
  • Special Events

    Special Events

    We have been actively supporting various projects and initiatives for many years and additionally we have combined this with the basic values of our company namely constant discovering of new, better ways of acting, seeking innovative solutions, and broadening the scope of what is possible and reachable. Feel invited to get acquainted with the latest reports and active participation.


Integration Events - Example of performed events

Below we present some of the most interesting integration events carried out by us recently: incentive events, evening parties, balls, galas, banquets, conference and special events for employees and key clients.

We thank all of our customers for giving us permission to publish in the News Section information about the events they took part in. As a result of many performed events we sometimes don't manage to update this Section on time. We apologise in advance for this inconvenience : -)

Power agency coordinated the Eighth Gala of Personality of the Year Mice Poland

Gala Mice 2015 uroczysta impreza 5On 25 February in EXPO XXI in Warsaw a “Cosmic” event was held - the Eighth Gala of Personality of the Year. The festive evening “out of this world” led AVATAR OeRa along with Olivier Janiak. Performances of a dance and acrobatic group ATELIE with Wataha Drums and a cover band Tony-S enriched celebrations of the event.
For the fifth time Power agency was responsible for the coordination of the event and animation.

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Creative team building - field game around the world Warsaw Poland

Creative team building

On the sunny June day we organised an all-day thematic event for one of our customers with Gaz 69 cars. We managed to gather 10 vehicles and that resulted in fantastic visual effects. It is difficult to meet similar number of identical Gaz 69 cars even durig car jamborees. Each car can take eight people so the group of sixty participants didn't pose much of a problem for us.

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Flights in the wind tunnel and workshops of creating perfume for Logis

tunel aero warsztaty integracja firmowa 6At the beginning of June we organized for the distributors of Logis company the third edition of the trip. The main aspect of the company meeting was flying in the wind tunnel. Each of the guests could try their hand at the air and feel for a moment like a parachute jumper. Great excitement was guaranteed and the participants with pleasure watched the struggles of their friends. Characteristic photographs with faces showing the impact of the wind will long cause a sensation.

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Organization of the ceremonial gala coordinated by Power Agency - opening of the hall in Expo Arena Ostróda

Expo Arena Gala Otwarcia 4EXPO Arena - the biggest in the northeast part of Poland Trade and Conference Centre - ready for production of the most elaborate event.
The second stage of extension of Expo Arena was finished within the framework of the project Trade and Conference Centre of Warmia and Mazury co-financed from the European Union funds. Thus Expo Arena became the biggest in the northeast part of Poland Trade and Conference Centre and at the same time the second largest in the country.

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Music video for 20th anniversary of CANAL+

Canal logoPower agency on the occasion of 20th anniversary of CANAL+ in Poland acting on behalf of ITI Neovision S.A. shot the music video in which a large group of business partners of CANAL+ took part.

A graduate of the faculty of cinematography of the Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź was responsible for the production of the music video for the event.

The project was carried out in the Double Tree hotel by Hilton in Łódź during the FORTEL conference in days 23 and 24 March.

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During the seventh edition of the Personality of the Year Gala the winners of the competition "OR MICE Poland 2014" were announced. Power Agency was the organiser of the Gala

Organizacja VII edycji Gali Mice Poland 2014This year the winners of the the seventh edition of the competition "Personality of the Year MICE Poland 2014" became: in the category Principal/ The Ordering Party - Agnieszka Majkowska, director of the Sales Support and Development Department, Prudential Poland; in the category Organiser - Marta Dunin-Michałowska, Mea Group chairman; in the category Manager of the Object - Żaneta Berus, Expo chairman XXI Warsaw; in the category Subcontractor - Adam Zagajewski, Triangoo chairman.

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Integration event Wake & Roll for the TOYA TV

wakeFor the TOYA TV Power Agency organised the event in the area of the Wake & Roll Park for over 50 Employees who achieved the best sales results.

In the course of the event the Guests could choose between numerous attractions such as: wakeboarding, personal watercrafts, kayaks and water zorbing. A WOPR (Volunteer Rescue Service) lifeguard looked after the safety of all Participants. Medical safety issues during the event were within the scope of duties of Power Agency.

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Field game in the Modlin Fortress with the company Accenture Sp. z o.o.

Gra terenowa w Twierdzy ModlinIn October Power agency acting on behalf of Accenture Sp. z o.o. organised the field game for over 70 participants. For realisation of the script of the game the infrastructure of the Fortress in Modlin was used. That location gave the event exceptional character. That fact and the history associated with the place caused that the guests quickly adopted particular roles and assigned tasks.

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Incentive trip with the Ferrari ride, football match at Camp Nou and other attractions in Barcelona organised by POWER Agency

Incentive Barcelona - wyjazd dla Bayard AR Sp. z o.o.On 21-24 October Power Agency organised the trip for the client of an advertising agency Bayard AR Sp. z .o.o. to Barcelona. The main attraction of the event was watching the Champions League football match at Camp Nou stadium between FC Barcelona and Ajax Amsterdam and the GT “driving experience” on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Fifty peple from Poland took part in the four-day trip.

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Grand prize gala organization in the competition for Shell Poland

Wyjazd nagrodowy dla Shell na Lazurowe WybrzeżeOn 28-30 November Agency Power Sp. z o.o. organised the trip for the winners of the competition "Exciting Ride with Shell V-Power Nitro+" lasting from 04 August to 30 September. The main prize in the competition was the trip to the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur) and the ride along the alpine road of Col de Turini in the south of the country. The participants during the event visited Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Monte Carlo.

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Marcin Prokop - a special guest of the Sygnity Conference


Konferencja SygnityOn 28-29 October we organised for the company Sygnity S.A. and its partner companies Microsoft, HP and Intel the conferences and workshop meetings "Agile - agile approach towards managing the organization".

Power agency was responsible for the comprehensive course of the event (accommodation, catering, logistics, transport, equipping conference rooms, scenery, stage technology, artistic setting).

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