Powersport /Power Agency/ specializes in organizing Incentive Travel, DMC Poland, Conferences & Congresses,
Team-Building & Sport Events & Special Events - for Companies and Institutions.
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  • Business Events

    Business Events

    Integrating and socialising business events, latest products promotion, incentive getaways, special occassion events - all these are the integral part of life inside any firm. Facing our competition we have prepared numerous original scripts using innovative ideas and the latest technological developments.
  • Incentive Events

    Incentive Events

    Abroad package tours are the best form of motivation and the acknowledgement of employees' services. It is also an excellent way of expressing gratitude to the Key Clients of your company for the to date cooperation. Obviously, there is one condition - they need to be thoroughly planned, abound in attractions and organised in unique locations, often inaccessible and unaffordable for common tourists.
  • Special Events

    Special Events

    We have been actively supporting various projects and initiatives for many years and additionally we have combined this with the basic values of our company namely constant discovering of new, better ways of acting, seeking innovative solutions, and broadening the scope of what is possible and reachable. Feel invited to get acquainted with the latest reports and active participation.




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Business Events

Integrating and socialising business events, promotion of the latest products, incentive getaways, special occassion events - all these are the integral part of life inside any firm. Facing our competition we have prepared numerous original scripts using innovative ideas and latest achievements of  technology.

Our year-long experience and creative participation in the organization of outdoor and evening events, prestigous galas, trainings, conferences, and special events guarantee many surprising scritps and ideas for games as well as perfect setting and realization.

Partnership PowerSport was created thank to our engagement determination. Despite the lack of the outside know-how, when the competition on the market is extermely strong, our company develops dynamically and acquires positive references from the leading companies on the market, such as:  IKEA, TSO Group, Torrex Chiesi, Adamed, Tech-Pomp, TravelPort, Ariston, Volkswagen Leasing Polska, Unilever, Shell, Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. (Polish Telecom), Quintiles, Smith and Nephew, Kerel, Teleroute, Wavin.

Cuisine team - building Let's Cake

Słodka integracja - Let's CakeThe main aim of Let's Cake type of event is to decorate a cake with motifs characteristic to the region of Poland where the group is from. The bakings which are prepared by outstanding confectioners can have the shape Europe or Poland. The programme of this event is good in case of international groups so that each can present their own country.

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Voyage and sailing regatta for business

Regaty firmowe na mazurachWe specialise in socialising voyages around the Polish waters but also the Adriatic and the Aegean Sea. We highly recommend socialising voyages along the Croatian coast and among the Greek islands. We guarantee excellent fun, the spirit of competition, and total integration of the team. We put emphasis on safety and cognitive value of each water basin.

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Business picnics - theme picnics

Business picnicsBusiness picnics - theme picnics in Warsaw Poland


We deal with the organization of business picnics for employees, their families, but also for the Clients of your companies. We have a lot of experience in the organization of big picnics and festivals. We suggest several safe attractions and activities which are accustomed to the participants' age and skills.

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poduszkowceHovercraft soars gently above the ground, it breaks without touching it and against the common assumption it can reach considerable speed. There are no problems with moving over the sand, bushes, or even water. It seems innocent but to be honest it is amazing if driven by a professional. Try just once and you will never stop! 

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Off-road expeditions - expeditions 4x4

wyprawy off-road - wyprawy 4x4Off-road expedition is an unforgettable adventure, a huge dosage of emotions, and first and foremost a great fun. This is an event designed for socialising and team-building. In this type of circumstances you can get to know out of office side of your associates. Conflicts and barriers just disappear. The common aim just appears, which is the fight with the terrain.

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Canoes – Business/Corporate canoeing

CanoesWhole day canoeing around the most picturesque regions of Poland has to be started from an energy-efficient breakfast. We will need it as there is a mountain river crossing ahead of us. We guarantee emotions and excellent sights. We also offer virgin landscape, silence, relax, and adrenaline from clearing fallen trees and river current - everything by turns without getting out of the canoe.

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